Saturday, 19 November 2011

#7 THE RULE IN A LOVESTORY. age is juz on d i/c

holla everybodi. salam saturday!

today i made a new fren. a sweet chubby girl named sheila.
she is best fren for my buddy.

she had a very lovely boyfie named afif. what makes them attracted me is - they was a loving sweet couple who looks great being together!

afif seems to b younger than sheila, i guess. tapi bila dah d sahkan oleh my buddy that yup : they are 26 vs 19
and i noe dat age is juz a number!


kalau mata dah pkenan + hati dah tertawan = semua akan jadi indah, kann...??
cuba kalau dah mata sakit, sure ati akan makin parah. titik

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