Sunday, 20 November 2011

#9 THE POWER OF FB, how it change ur point of view

topik kali nih juz nak sharing about Facebook a.k.a FB. my views nothing to do whether they are RIGHT o WRONG, coz dis is my opinion.

enjoy reading!

do u realized how much FB brings differ on ur life?
how it makes u see things out of d box?
how it turns u to either gud ways, o bad ways?
how it change ur point of view?

well, juz to share wif u what happened in our life, closed to FB ~

scenario 1 -

sorang minah terjumpa dgn x-opismate yg sama sama keja sbagai minah kilang dulu kala. perbualan pertama 'hai kak! lamanya tak jumpa.. sihat? ada FB tak? add la, bley la kita keep in touch dlm tu'

okay. is it a must to b in touch in FB account rather than having a hp number?

scenario 2 -

sorang minah nih dapat tau ada orang nak berkenalan. perbualan pertama 'cik, ada orang nak kenai nih. dia tu abang pupu saya. single, tengah mencari, tercari cari. nak berkenalan tak? nak bagi no. hp ka nak soh dia add dalam FB?'. jawab si minah 'errrrr, soh dia add dlm FB la, coz my hp number is lil bit private'

okay. is it mean u keep more private info in hp no rather than in ur FB account? erkkk?!

so, what say u..?!

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