Tuesday, 20 December 2011


i repeat u dis is not a sweat dream. trust me, its juz my sweet dream!

out of a sudden, out of nowhere
after 5 days[plus]5 days[plus]5 days[plus]5 days[plus]5 days[equals to]uncountable days
d guy wearing dark-choc-shirt stepped towards my room!
with the red-starbucks-seramic mug on his hand, stirring d drink inside
he came looking for me
but i wasnt there

however, i was at his back
starring at him, looking what's next he'll gonna do
i stepped forward & asked 'ncik, cari saya ka?'
he turn around, and *pap*

i awoke from d dream! came into the reality
it was 2.52 in d monink. looking at my hp, there was 2 unread messages
replied to the sender & cont my sleep....


he~the one who came into my dream is not he~d one who is there in the real time
ouch, DAMN!!!!!!!

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